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Should you want Alfa Gas in your home?


Let’s look at 2 quick reasons why...

01. We’re recommended and accredited by Age UK… What does this mean?

Costs are reasonable

Service is to a high standard

Sound honest advice given to clients

Work is of notable quality

02. We’re recommended boiler installers of Baxi and Zanussi… What does this mean?

Trusted by two highly reputable boiler suppliers in the UK

Consistently good feedback and customer satisfaction

Have great experience installing boilers

Not just anyone can be a preferred boiler installer.

Get The Best Boiler Installation For You

We’ve picked up over 15 consistent years of everything boiler installation and boilers. What we aren’t is a company that hits you with random fees and can’t get the job done. What we are is a friendly, close to home type of service that has always been trusted in the community for doing a great job.
One of our engineers will visit your home free of any charges and give you a range of boiler installation options. There aren’t any hidden costs - our approach is transparent. We’ll install what works best for you. Need a boiler installation Nottingham? We’ve got you covered.

In Nottingham?
Get Free + Professional + local advice

Affordably stay warm. Get the right Boiler installation.

A problem with getting a new boiler can be wanting to be warm and safe all year round but also having some spare cash! To help everyone in Nottingham be safe and warm, we have a really flexible payment structure. No one has to face carbon monoxide and everyone has the right to be warm.
One thing we avoid is cheap. Plenty of companies are happy to install the worst boilers on the market. We quickly learnt this just leads to more breakdowns and cost you hundreds of pounds more. Our lowest priced boilers are much higher quality than other companies’ cheapest boilers - yet we’re still competitively priced.

Brand new boiler installation from £16 Per month!

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