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The appliances in your home are never going to last forever. They’re being used, used and used on a daily basis so you can expect everything from your washing machine to your all important boiler to pack in eventually.
Of course, this might happen gradually, so you might just need repairs, or your whole boiler might just go kaput in one go.
A lot of appliances CAN just be left alone as if they’re working, that’s all you need to worry about.

The boiler is slightly different though. It’s volatile.

What we mean by volatile is that it CAN cause damage to you, your home and your family pretty easily - and sometimes without you knowing about it. Carbon monoxide is the famous killer. It’s like a famous person in disguise and you only know they’re there if they come and introduce themselves. It’s still very much around and won’t be gone for some time unless the right measures are taken. Boilers, even from us, will eventually give up. But anything boiler installation Nottingham, we have you more than covered.

Should I Be Worried About Carbon Monoxide?

You should only be worried about carbon monoxide if you haven’t had your boiler checked in a considerable amount of time. People have died from carbon monoxide seemingly without warning in the past which was enough to make us worried. If your boiler is faulty and not burning gas properly, it could start producing toxic waste, which unfortunately, you aren’t going to be able to see or smell. However, you can look out for drowsiness or unexplained headaches. If you happen to have a really old and potentially faulty boiler and you experience these feelings (especially more than one person), immediately evacuate your home and call out the professionals.
This is just one good reason to carry out maintenance on your boiler at least every year or two.You should be able to justify this expense if it’s only going to be every one or two years. Your warranty might even cover you for a yearly maintenance check and we always prescribe an option for this.

Higher Bills

Another obvious problem are the higher bills that dodgy boilers will bring you. Efficiency will be your problem. A lot of the time a boiler on finance will actually BRING IN money for you. You might pay £20 a month for the boiler and save £30 on your energy spend a month. A good gas engineer will ask you questions about how much energy you’re spending on a maintenance check and see if they can help to save you money.

Keep Your Boiler Running Smoothly

A maintenance check will also keep your boiler running smoothly to increase its overall life. They absolutely should be cleaning your boiler and keeping it in tip top condition. Rust dust and dirt will be taken care of as too much of a build up will cause you problems for sure. The engineer should also check the key components of the boiler and make sure nothing is going to break and warn you if this is likely the case. Little maintenance checks might save you hundreds or thousands of pounds if they keep your boiler going for another few years.
It’s much easier to get a maintenance check than to wait for your boiler to start boiling or something like that. A leak could easily have been prevented if an engineer just made sure everything was running smoothly before the issue ever arose.

I missed my maintenance appointment and now need a repair…

Just like many household appliances, there are several tell-tale signs that a boiler might need professional attention. These may include the boiler flame burning yellow, any new stains around the boiler, low temperature or flow rate of water, regular loss of pressure as well as any unusual noise from the fan.
The best thing you can do at this point is to arrange for a repair service for your boiler through a certified plumbing company like ours. Ensure they’re Gas Safe. Ensure they’re held in high esteem. Ensure they’re trusted. Don’t hire a cowboy plumber who doesn’t know what they’re doing.
You should also check your original boiler deal as you might still be covered by the warranty.
If you do end up having to pay up for a costly repair, this should act as the first reminder to get a yearly or two yearly maintenance check on your boiler to keep everything running smoothly and to avoid any costly repairs. It’s not like the plumber will come out to a maintenance check and say yep everything is perfect. The boiler is being used everyday, it’s going to have issues that can be fixed and worked on to ensure good long life of your boiler and avoidance of large bills.

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