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Common Plumbing Problems

Everyone needs a plumber handy. Pipes burst, boilers fail, you lose water pressure, all very frustrating. It can be useful to know what the causes of common problems are, so you know what to communicate to your plumber, and so you know they can’t take you for a ride! Maybe something has simply come loose, but at worst you might need to fork out for an emergency plumber or a new boiler installation in Nottingham. Some things aren’t as complicated as you might think and can be sorted quickly yourself. Notts Plumbing have put together a list of a few common things to look out for to see if you need to give your plumber a call.

Running Toilet
Everyone has experienced the low hum a toilet makes when the trickling after a flush, but what’s actually going on? Is it broken? It’s usually fine, but you possibly have a dodgy valve. Manually lift the float and wait until the water stops running. If adjusting the height doesn’t work, shut off the water and check for a bad fill valve.

Clogged toilet
Absolute nightmare. Sometimes a plunger will suffice, or a hanger to break up anything stuck, but a plumber may be required for a more serious unclog job. Blockages tend to be cause by things that aren’t supposed to be flushed down the toilet, so stick to toilet paper. If you can’t fix it yourself, contact us, your local plumbers in Nottingham, to come and sort it out!.

Frozen Pipes
Frozen pipes aren’t the biggest issue in a relatively mild country like the UK, but they do occur during particularly cold periods. A frozen pipe needs immediate attention from a plumber, as damaged pipes are a major problem. Keep the internal temperature above 20 degrees to help avoid problems, although outdoor pipes are mostly left to the elements. Keeping cabinets open beneath sinks helps the heat to spread to more pipe-section. A frozen pipe is dangerous, contact a plumber in Nottingham immediately if you have problems.

Clogged Drain
A clogged drain is the second most common plumbing issue. Clogged drains are mostly avoidable by making sure as little solid material as possible goes down the drain. Cooking oils and fats are the worst culprits, and egg shells should be avoided too.

No Hot Water
Make sure to perform the following checks on your boiler before contacting someone for boiler repairs:
- If you have a gas water heater with a pilot light, check the light is lit.
- The temperature setting is set high enough.
- The water heater is large enough to meet demands.
If you’re certain there is an issue with your boiler, get in contact with your nearest boiler repairs in Nottingham.

Dripping Faucet
This can be incredibly annoying, having to listen to the constant drip echoing throughout the house. If turning the tap off won’t stop it, you probably have a worn washer, which’ll need replacing. Turning taps off gently can help extend washer life. A sink’s shut off valve is typically below the sink. If in doubt, the main water valve can always be switched off in order to inspect any leaks or drips.

Leaking Pipe
Leaking pipes can be terrible. Whether a pipe bursts, cracks, or leaks at a connection to another pipe, this is something that needs emergency repair. Leaking pipes cost a huge amount of wasted money each year and can cost homeowners heavily if their homes receive water damage. Leaks are certainly a problem that need instant attention.
Know where your main water valve is, and should a leak occur you’ll quickly be able to stop the flow, inspect the damage and contact an appropriate person should you need to.

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