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If you’re getting any sort of boiler service in Nottingham anytime soon, keep reading friend.

A boiler is one of those things you don’t want to think about.

You just want it to what it is meant to do. Keep everything warm. Great.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to think about boilers at least a few times in your life…

… And if the time is now? Let’s have a look at the key components that should be considered when choosing a suitable engineer for boiler installations, boiler repair or boiler servicing.

Remember, we’re going for longevity here. Boilers are going to be needed for the long run and it would be a good idea to think of anything moving forward with boilers as an investment.

Make the right decision now so that you aren’t scratching your head in a years time as to why you’re having to deal with boiler problems all over again.

Let’s begin looking at what you’ll need for your boiler installations Nottingham.

1) Pick a Reputable Engineer/Company

The boiler company you use should have a great reputation in the area. There are plenty of cowboys in any industry so its important to employ a reputable company that you know.

An easy way to tell if a company is reputable could be looking at online reviews.

Not just anyone is selected to be a preferred boiler installer. You have to produce consistently good work and have great experience for a company like this to attach their name to your company and brand.

Another thing we can boast as a company is that we are recommended by Age UK - you have to ensure costs are reasonable, service is to a high standard and work is of notable quality. Also included is sound and honest advice always given to clients… you can’t lead people astray and be recommended by Age UK.

It basically goes without saying that you shouldn’t go with a company if they aren’t Gas Safe registered. Don’t put yourself at a safety risk by not going with an engineer that has got the correct skills and qualifications.

2) Boiler Installation: Pick the Right Boiler

There are 3 main considerations when picking the right boiler to be installed in your home. These are price, warranty and brand. Remember, a new boiler is a long term play. You’re looking for quality, longevity and a good deal at that.


We would suggest a Zanussi or Baxi boiler as we are preferred suppliers by these reputable companies. They are certainly two of the top boiler suppliers out there because of their range of options and lasting quality.

A great feature of working with Zanussi for example is the finance deals we can offer. We can install a new boiler in your home for as little as £17 a month. With a new A rated boiler saving you as much as £30 a month in energy bills, you start saving right away. Pick companies and brands that can offer you a great service on your installation like a varied price.


It’s no good getting a boiler without a long warranty. If you get a boiler with a short warranty this isn’t a good idea and it’s going to cost you for sure in the future. You’re going to want to stay warm in the next 5-10 years and not have to fork out again for an engineer’s fees.

Another thing to consider is that things go wrong with boilers. They are breakable. Your boiler will probably need servicing every year or two. A warranty protects you when things go wrong with your boiler!

Even our finance plans can give you a full 10 year warranty on any new boiler, so you can keep your costs low each month and still know you won’t have to pay a big bill in the future.


Price is obviously an important factor. For servicing, go for a company that you have either been recommended to or a reputable company as described by the first point in this article.
For boiler installation or replacement, there’s a wide price range you can pick from.

Typically, boilers start from around £800 and can go as high as £3000.

Price can depend on the type of boiler you need (combi, conventional and system) and the size of the boiler you need.

If you have a small house, go for a well branded combi boiler with a 3-10 year warranty. You can expect to pay £1,500 - £2,000 for this installation.

If you have a medium sized house, for for a conventional boiler. You can expect to pay £1,500 - £3,000 for this installation.

Go for a system boiler if you have a large home. Costs are similar to that of a conventional boiler .

In our experience, it actually works out being a worse deal for you if you go for the lowest price possible. We always warn customer this and lay out the pros and cons between how much they spend now and how efficient their boiler will be.

Also as mentioned, you have the low monthly price that you can go for which works great if you don’t have a lot of cash at hand.

(These prices include installation. We’re talking about the total cost of having a new boiler installed.)

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